Andrey Koval'

Two veins in Finnegans Wake:
Russian and Sanskrit




There's something hidden in it, and there must be a reason...
Misled us and fell asleep

(O. Mandel▓shtam)

NB: All quotations from Finnegans Wake are given according to the following edition:
JAMES JOYCE. FINNEGANS WAKE. 3-rd edition, Faber & Faber, London-Boston, 1975


The present paper is intended as an attempt to make a modest contribution to studies of Joyce's last novel. It is a well-established fact, that this book (perhaps, one should even use capital letter here: this Book) is one of the most widely-discussed and investigated texts of our century. Presenting real challenge to every scholar (a philologist, a linguist, an hermeneut, a literary critisist, a philosopher etc.), it has already engendered an enormous bibliography consisting of ≈ God knows how many! ≈ titles and is still engendering new ones. What should one do in such a situation? To say the more: the fact, that Russia is not the best place in the world for studying Joyce, is self-evident. The majority of books and articles on the topic are but hardly available here. In such circumstances one is inevitably compelled ╚to invent the bicycle anew╩, as we Russians are used to say. And the last - which, in fact, is the first on a real score and not the least in any case. Not being a specialist in English or American literature, not even having a sufficient mastery of the language, the author of the present paper seems to be in a very questionable position. Besides, he cannot dedicate his whole time to such a matter, which, in its turn, requires incessant efforts even from really learned persons, whose skill cannot be compared with that of the authors'. Is there, then, any sense (let it even not be the common one) in such a work?

Reserving the Last Judgment for a competent authority, one would daresay: ╚Yes╩. A duplex argument could be adduced here, consisting from objective and subjective parts. The objective argument runs as follows. Inside the manifold body of Joyce's novel only two "veins" (this metaphor seems to be admissible here) are sought to be traced here: Russian and Sanskrit. The task can be put in other words: to reveal Russian (not speaking of Sanskrit for some time) components on different levels - linguistical, stylistical, ideological, on the level of direct and indirect allusions, etc., etc. Now, the author is convinced, that this task inevitably requires a Russian eye and a Russian ear. Joyce's acquaintance with Russian ≈no matter how superficial or, on the contrary, how thorough it were≈ resulted in such a bizarre, not to say "monstrous", kind of vocabulary, that only a Russian would be able to properly analyse some of his artificial compounds containing Russian "grains". An example of inexactitude committed by some American scholars in such an analysis (v. infra, s.v. пюяйнк), confirms this conviction. Similar errors and inexactitudes will be always on the watch for every non-Russian trying to explain Russian layer in Joyce. Another argument, the subjective one, concerns both Russian and Sanskrit "veins". Commenting on Joyce's novel is author's private affair, to which he dedicates his free time. Such a proposition cannot help one recollecting Greek word "schole", which, similar to Latin "otium", designated 'free time', 'leisure'; this time was usually dedicated to some kind of scholarship. Derivatives from this Greek word ("school", "scholar" etc.) are too obvious to be mentioned. Besides, Latin "ludus" also emerges, which had at least two meanings: "play" or "game" - and "school" as well. In other words, reading Finnegans Wake and making passing notes is for the author a sort of school and game at the same time, which is to be done at leisure. (Joyce himself, beyond any doubt, would mingle all these cumbersome phrases in a single word).

Now, this short premise needs a due conclusion. The text below is only a raw and undigested heap of material (rudis indigestaque molis). It's just a beginning of a way, the first step, which will easily become a stop without some assistance from the side of more competent scholars. That is why the author will be infinitely grateful to anyone for all kinds of observations, advices, critical notes and so on. We may like Joyce or feel aversion for him, but every philologist would agree, that Finnegans Wake is a large and very peculiar field of eventual investigation. For at least several persons this book is already involved in their life, which ≈ be it Joyceless or Joyceful ≈ has received with this whimsicalissimo text a new dimension.




юг, асйх, бедх

(spelling of the first 3 letters of old Slavonic alphabet)

aasbukividdy [327.34].

аюасьйю (granny; ???)

Papylonian babooshkees [417.12].

аюпшьмъ (maid)

for if the barishnyas got a twitter of it [193.14].

ахрбю (battle)

bitvalike [348.3]. АХРБЮ+ warlike

акюцндюпч бюя (thank you)

blaguadargoos [347.14]

акхгйхи (near; intimate)

they are two very blizky little portereens [563.23].

акъдэ (whore)

Bladyughfoulmoecklenburgwhurawhorascortastrumpapornanenny-kocksapastippatupperstrippuckputtanach [90.31-33]. In this word, one of the famous Joyce's "monsters" consisting from 100 letters, different designations of a whore in various languages seem to be in play. Thus, one can identify Greek terms: 'porna' and 'moecha', which are contaminated here with a German toponym: 'Mecklenburg'; Latin: 'scorta'; Italian: 'puttana'; German: 'Hure'; English: 'whore' ≈ and, of course, the correspondent Russian word (╚АКЪДЭ╩), which opens this series. The fact of Joyce's acquaintance with the Russian term makes probable the following item in this article.

whold bludyn world [593.3]. In this word one reveals the undobtful anagramm of 'Dublin', which is contaminated with 'bloody' and probably with Russian 'АКЪДХМ' (whore's).

анц (God):

bog gats [220.14].

sbogom [347.2].

Slobabogue [350.29].

Baghus the whatwar! [351.24]. ???

O moy Bog [416.19].

cursebog [556.25].

Will you peddle in my bog... [582.25].

анкэье (more)

see the Bolche your pictures motion [330.23].

анкэьебхгл (Bolshevism)

that Showting up of Bulsklivism by ▒Schottenbaum▓ [116.6-7]

анпю (a kind of stormy wind on the Black Sea):

Boraborayellers [416.34-35]. АНПЮ + yell. Cf. roaryboaryellas [327.32].

анъпе (Boyars, gentry):

old boyars [348.10].

Krumlin Boyards [497.19].

апюрэъ-якюбъме: (brothers the Slavs):

Brothers Bratislavoff [219.14].

Brat Slavos [424.1].

аспйю (a kind of ???)

Perged out of Burke▓s [219.14].

He Perssed Me Here with the Ardour of a Tonnoburkes [106.5-6]

I promise him with plenty burkes for his shins [443.16].

burqued by its bark [503.36-504.1].

бюяхкхи асякюеб (Vassily Booslayeff, a hero of Russian epics)

Wassaily Booslaeugh [5.5].

бемвюрэ (???):

wonder of wenchalows [???] {333.1]. Sacramentum matrimonii?

бепярю (mile)

versts and versts from true civilisation [81.15].

бндю (water)

The echo is there in the back of the wodes [126.3].

wody [348.12];

May he me no voida water! [???] [415.34];

vodashouts [502.20].

бнкй (wolf)

rasky wolk [351.36].

Wolkmans [616.25].

бнкняш (hair)

Tytonyhands and Vlossyhair [265.21]

My Wolossay's wild as the Crasnian Sea! [492.10]

бньэ (louse)

vosch [16.14]

бпелъ (time)

vremyament, tu cesses [155.30]

цкюбюпэ (leader):

as glovar's metins [???] [540.31];

цнкнбю (head)

His glav toside him [10.35-36]. ЦКЮБЮ + glove?

цмхдю (larva of lice):

gnit [416.15]. ???

Ni, gnid mig brawly! [607.18]. ???

цмхрэ (to rot)

gnit [416.15]. ???

цняондхм (sir)

much earny, Gus, pНteen? [125.22].

Sdrats ye, Gus Paudheen! [332.32].

цняондэ (Lord)

hospodch [620.32].

цпна (coffin)

gribgrobgrab [332.15]. ???

grub [416].

дю (yes)

da [55.16].

and the Russian generals, da! da! [101.20].

But da. But dada [338.13-14].

Ma▓s da. Da▓s ma. Madas. Sadam. [496.20-21]. ЯКНБНЕП???

дбю (two)

twa [541.29].

дбепэ (door)

and answer made the bold O▓Dwyer [116.16].

dwyergray [214.33]. ???

Dvershen. [332.36].

дебю (maiden)

dewydress [331.9]. ДЕБЮ + dew + devi???

many a diva devoucha [466.20].

дебсьйю (girl)

many a diva devoucha [466.20].

демэ (day)

dayne [593.2, 11].

депэлн (shit)

Mirrdo! [353.20]. ДЕПЭЛН + merde ???

дхр╗ (child)

O dite! [504.19]. ДХР╦ + Audite (Lat.: 'Listen') ???

днапши (kind, good)

darsey dobrey [333.8] ???

днбнкэмн (enough)

Dovolnoisers, prayshyous [350.15-16]. дНБНКЭМН + noise; ОПНЬС БЮЯ + pray, shy.

днкъ (part, share)

prender the doles and tribute [541.10].

дп╗лю (nap)

in the drema [69.14].

дспюй (fool)

at doorak [354.3]. ДСПЮЙ + door.

дсьйю (???)

Way for Wet Week Welikin▓s Douchka Marianne [106.16-17].

дэъбнк (the Devil):

Djowl, uphere! [222.31].

dhaoul [499.18]. ???

гхлю (winter)

zimalayars [502.5].

гдпюяэре (⌠How d▓you do■, ⌠Hallo■; also an expression of surprise):

Xaroshie, zdrst! [91.36].

Sdrats ye, Gus Paudheen! [332.32].

йюаюй (kabak, pub)

kabbaks [34.8].

йюгюйх (the Cossacks):

cossakes [350.20].

Cocksnark [353.11]. ???

cockshock [353.21].

йюпюосг (???)

his corapusse [416.15]. corpus + ЙЮПЮОСГ + carcasse???

йютрюм (???)

caftan [343.10].

йнлмюрю (room)

komnate [350.33].

йпюямши (red)

twentytwo carrot krasnapoppsky red [404.24-25]. ЙПЮЯМШИ + poppy.

the Crasnian sea [492.10].

йпшляйхе рюрюпш (the Crimean Tartars)

Creamtartery [346.1].

йспцюм (hill)

currgans [348.17].

керн (summer)

Lieto [502.10].

ксанй (Loubok, a kind of Russian folk engraving)

Saint Lubbock's Day [292.5].???

кчдяйни (human):

lyewdsky [340.2]. КЧДЯЙНИ + lewd???

Lewd's carol! [501.36]. ???

люгспхй (sham, rascal)

Mazourikawitch or some other sukinsin of a vitch [437.29-30].

лемэьебхй (Menshevik)

this Esuan Menschavik [185.34].

лепхм (???)

their roammerin over, gribgrobgrab [332.14-15]. ЛЕПХМ + roam over.

леярн (place, spot)

beyond the mistomist [340.6]. ???

л╗д (honey, mead)

Inglo-Andean Medoleys from Tommany Moohr [106.8]. Л╦Д + КЕИ + ⌠Irish melodies■ by Thomas Moore (here rather ⌠Irlandian melodies■).

Obealbe myodorers and he dote so [459.27]. Л╦Д + murderer.

лкевмши осрэ (Milky Way)

mlachy way [341.17].

лнршк╗й (moth)

motylucky [417.10].

лсфхй (boor; man)

mujikal chocolat box [13.9]. ЛСФХЙ + musical. Cf. аПНДЯЙХИ: ⌠х БУНДХР ЮИМЕ ЙКЪИМЕ МЮУР ЛСФХЙ■.

лспюбеи (ant)

muravyingly [416.7].

ме, мх (not, neither)

It is ne not him [333.3].

меан (sky)

Come nebo me and suso sing the day we sallybright. [11.16-17].

мер (no)

he leaves nyet in my grafe [353.10].

напюг (image):

I grandthinked after his obras [343.25]. НАПЮГ + obras (Span.): ⌠works■.

нпсфхе (arms)

orussheying [347.31].

оепбши (first):

vide pervoys akstiom [296.2].

amplopervious futules [348.6].

охбн (beer)

S. Pivorandbowl [351.14].

окелъммхжю (niece)

our miladies in their toileries, the twum plumyumnietcies,Vjeras Vjenaskayas, of old Djadja Uncken [348.22-23]. See also слмхжю and веунб in the list of allusions.

онцндю (weather): ???

ононкюл (in two, in half)

Humpopolamos [327.33].???

онпну (gun-powder)

pulversporochs [343.27].

онякедмхи (the last)

postleadeny past [348.5-6].

опхбер (greeting)

privet stationery [412.27]. private + ОПХБЕР.

опняхрэ (to beg, to invite)

Prosim, prosit [334.18]. ОПНЯХЛ, ОПНЯХР ⌠we beg, he/she begs■ + prosim, prosit (Lat.) ⌠Let me be useful, let it be useful■

Dovolnoisers, prayshyous [350.15-16]. дНБНКЭМН + noise; ОПНЬС БЮЯ + pray, shy, you, us.

овекю (bee)

ptchjelasys [417.23]. ???

пюяйнк (schism)

this raskolly Gripos [156.10]. ПЮЯЙНК + rascally.

псяяйхи (Russian)

Rooskayman kamerad? [89.7].

How the Buckling Shut at Rush in January [105.21-22].

Emme for your reussischer Honddu jarkon! [198.18].

якнандю (???)

slobodens [541.26]. ???

ялепрэ (death)

O Smirtsch! O Smertz! [499.7-8]. ЯЛЕПРЭ + Schmerz (Germ.) + ЯЛЕПВ.

ялепв (tornado???)

O Smirtsch! O Smertz! [499.7-8]. ЯЛЕПРЭ + Schmerz (Germ.) + ЯЛЕПВ.

ямец (snow)

Snugsborough [503.14]. ???

янаюйю (dog)

Sobaiter sobarkar. [339.9]. ЯНАЮЙЮ + to bark & to bite ???

янбер (advise; Soviet)

So vi et! [414.14]. So be it + ЯНБЕР.

янкнбеи (nightingale)

shantey soloweys sang! [330.8].

яокньэ (entirely)

splosh [488.28]. ???

яреоэ (steppe)

First he s st steppes. Then he st stoo stoopt. [339.30]. ???

ярпюмю (country)

Stranaslang [338.22].

ярпнйю (line)

a stroka [73.12].

ясйхм яшм (son of a bitch)

Mazourikawitch or some other sukinsin of a vitch [437.29-30].

ясыхи (existing, real)

szszuszchee is slowianeska [333.5].???

рнбюпхы (comrade)

Trovatarovitch! [341.9]. trovatore (It.) + ???

рнкй, рнкйнбюрэ (sense; to talk; interpret)

you're a delville of a tolkar [503.17]. ???

рпх (three)

Tri [100.6; 308.7].

рпнийю (troyka???)

troykakyls [567.34].

рпсайю (pipe)

raucking his flavorite turvku in the smukking precincts of lydias [294.17-20]. ⌠rauchen■ (Ger.) ▒to smoke▓ + РПСАЙС (Acc. Sg.).

сгек (nod)

ouzel [35.16].

Dinny Oozle [332.33].

скхйю (juridical evidence)

Barnabas Ulick Dunne [337.36].

Ulikah▓s wine [434.29].

слмхжю (smart???)

plumyumnietcies [348.22-23].

сьх (ears)

ouchyotchy [344.10]. ???

ункл (hill)

holm [330.24]. ???

унпнбнд (a kind of Russian folk dance)

O, howorodies through his cholaroguled [341.11].

унпньн (very well)

Horassure [346.34].

унпньхи (good)

Xaroshie, zdrst! [91.36].

жюпэ (tzar)

awalt'zaround [???].

cgar [341.17]. ???

Saur of all the Hauroussians [344.33].

Yastsar! [353.9].

A Czardancer indeed! [513.16].

Most Highest Ardreetsar King [612.6].

жеяюпебхв (???)

Cesarevitch [498.2].

вюя (hour)

Hag Chivychas Eve [30.14].

в╗пмши (black)

Chorney Choplain [351.13]. В╦ПМШИ + Charley Chaplain + Chopin.

в╗пр (dickens)

The chort of Nicolas Within [541.4].


юммю оюбкнбю ()

Annushka Lutetiavitch Pufflova [207.8].

юяйнкэд, нкец, хцнпэ, йхебяйюъ псяэ (Askold, Oleg, Igor, Russia during the Kiev period)

The Ivorbonegorer of Danamaraca [255.15].

the Askold Olegsonder Crowds of the O'Keef-Rosses and Rosso-Keevers of Zastwoking [310.16-17].

Olefoh [353.14].

Igorladns [353.19].

бкюдхлхп (Vladimir)

Woldomar with Vasa [255.16].

цкеа (Gleb)

the surfers of the glebe [354.11].

делхднб (Demidov)

Demidoff [29.23].

хбюм (Ivan: John)

Vania, Vania Vaniorum, Domne Vanias! [239.14-15]. Vanya: a diminutive form of the name Ivan.

ivanmorinthorrorumble [353.24]. Ivan the Terrible?

Ivan Slavansky Slavar [355.11].

Vanisha [461.2]. бЮМЧЬЮ (Johnny) + vanilla ???

хбюм цпнгмши (Ivan the Terrible)

the crimes of Ivaun the Taurrible [38.16-17].

йюръ (Kate)

he having beham with katya [40.11].

кемхм (Lenin)

Monastir, Leninstar and Connecticut [271.2, left margin]. Perhaps a combination of Lenin & Stalin. Cf. ярюкхм, and below, in a list of allusions.

лемэьхйнб (Menshikov)

manchokuffs [339.12].

лхью (Michael)

Mezha, didn't you hear [214.7].

Miss Mishy Mushy [277.10-11].

the meelisha-deelishas [351.23] ???

S.Misha-La-Valse's [601.25].

мхфхмяйхи (Nizhinsky)

Dawncing the kniejinsky choreoscopically [513.11].

о╗рп бекхйхи (Peter the Great)

grim as Potter the Grave [134.6-7].

Peder the Grest [344.27].

And did you meet with Peadhar the Grab at all? [464.31].

Piowtor the Grape [497.28].

Peacer the grave [503.27].

онкъйнб (Polyakoff)

Polikoff's [340.1]. ???

ярюкхм (Stalin)

the grinning statesmen, Brock and Leon, have shunted the grumbling coundedtouts, Starlin and Ser Arthur Ghinis [272.25-27].

рнркеаем (Totleben)

Toadlebens! [339.21]. Totleben: surname of a Russian general of German stock, who took part in the Crimean war.


аюкюйкюбю (Balaklava)

Balaclava [170.33].

Larry Doolin, the Ballyclee jackeen [210.19].

Bullyclubber [335.13]

The balacleivka! [341.9]. аЮКЮЙКЮБЮ+АЮКЮКЮИЙЮ???

Oho bullyclaver [352.23].

аюкйюмш (Balkans)

balkan [501.34].

аюкрхияйне лнпе (Baltic Sea)

Baltiskeeamore [338.19]. аЮКРХИЯЙНЕ ЛНПЕ+amore

бнкцю (Volga)

vogalstones [224.19].

volkar boastsung [352.17]. Volga boatsong

дмеоп (the Dneeper)

And the dneepers of wet [196.18].

йпелкэ (Kremlin)

the grinning statesmen, Brock and Leon, have shunted the grumbling coundedtouts, Starlin and Ser Arthur Ghinis [272.25-27].

By old Grumbledum▓s walls [273.1]

Ollover Krumwall [299.9].

from the millestones of Olvergroamlious libitate nos, Domnial! [322.34].

in the minkst of the Krumlin [39.34]

Crimelian wall [347.10]. Crimean+Kremlin; possibly ⌠crime■ also.

all over Crummwiliam wall [347.32].

all over cromlin [353.33].

Krumlin Boyards [497.19].

йпшл (Crimea)

not crimeslaved [478.15].

Crimeans [522.8].

йпшляйюъ бнимю (Crimean war)

Crimelian wall [347.10]. Kremlin wall + Crimean war.

all over Crummwiliam wall [347.32]. Crimean war + Kremlin wall + Oliver Kromwell.

лняйбю (Moscow)

in the direction of Moscas [84.1]. Mosca: Moscow (Ital.), perhaps also ⌠mosque■.

muscow-money [416.17]. ???

Moskiosk Djinpalast [597.14].

moskors [622.24].

мебяйхи опняоейр (Nevsky prospect at St. Petersburg)

Twoways Peterborough and we come to newsky prospect [442.11-12].

мхфмхи мнбцнпнд (Nizhny Novgorod)

The neatschknee Novgolosh. [346.2].

оерепаспц (S. Petersburg)

Poutresbourg [162.30-31].

Peter's burgess and Miss Mishy Mushy [277.10-11].

Diaeblen-Balkley at Domnkirk Saint Petricksburg [326.25].

Twoways Peterborough [442].

пняяхъ, пняяхъмхм, псяяйхи

Russky [253.3].

Holyryssia [329.20].

roosky [335.2].

Malorazzia [338.22-23].

his hart bides the ros [339.8] ???

Rassamble [338.27].

roscians [339.11].

in rutene [340.5].

the Riss, the Ross, the sur of all Russes [340.34-35].

all the Haurousians [344.3].

rassosiations [348.5].

rutilanced [349.20]. ???

russuates [349.19-20]. jesuits + Russian???

ruttengenerously [350.6].

durck rosolun [351.9].

poppyrossies [351.13]. ОЮОХПНЯШ + poppy + rosso (Ital.: red) + Russian

risky wark rasky wolk [351.35-36].

his urssian gemenal [352.1].

Oholy rasher [352.22]. O holy Russia.

Russkakruskam [352.33].

Ussur Ursussen of the viktaurious onrush [353.12].

erseroyal [353.18].

Old Erssia [354.10].

Rutland Rise [437.5].

red in Rossya, white in Alba [463.24].

henpecked rusish [492.9].

forebe all the rassias [596.12].

Ruse [596.34].

яебюярнонкэ (Sevastopol)

See vaast a pool! [338.14].

яхахпэ (Siberia)

Sibernia [???]. Siberia + Hibernia

a loaf of bread and a father▓s early aim for Val from Skibereen [210.19]

рнанкэяй (Tobolsk, a town in West Siberia)

Tobolosk [162.15-16].

спюк (Ural)

Parsuralia [353.24].

the Ural Mount [494.16].

уепянмея ()

Krzerszonese [347.9].


аскцюйнб (Bulgakov)

Master Magrath [╚Master and Margarite╩ ???] [212.3];

цнцнкэ (Gogol')

that day consumed their soul of the corn [34.17-18].

I dring to them, bycorn spirits fuselaiding, and you cullies adjutant, even where its contentsed wody, with absents wehrmuth [348.11-13]. ⌠Dead Souls■ = ⌠bygone spirits■.

like your Bigdud dadder in the boudeville song, Gorotsky Gollovar▓s Troubles, raucking his flavorite turvku in the smukking precincts of lydias [294.17-20]. ⌠пЕБХГНП■???

цнпэйхи (Gorky)

he took a svig at his own methyr but she tested a bit gorky [132.35]. ЦНПЭЙХИ: bitter, as also the pseudonym of Russian writer, Alexey Maximovich Gorky. Here the title of his book ⌠Mother■ is contaminated with Greek m)eyu ▒mead▓.

днярнебяйхи (Dostoyevsky)

Lady Marmela Shortbred [235.32-33]. Allusion to a character from Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment (оПЕЯРСОКЕМХЕ Х МЮЙЮГЮМХЕ), Marmeladov's wife (лЮПЛЕКЮДНБЮ).

кемхм (Lenin)

Thee Steps forward, Two Stops Back [105.30-31]. Probably an allusion to the title of

article: ╚One Step forward, Two Steps Back╩ (╚ьЮЦ БОЕП╦Д, ДБЮ ЬЮЦЮ МЮГЮД╩).

люмдекэьрюл (Mandel▓stam)

his multilingual tombstone, like Navelicky Kamen ???

люъйнбяйхи (Mayakovsky)

their roammerin over, gribgrobgrab [332.14-15]. This allusion was figured out by V. Toporov, an outstanding Russian scholar, in his paper ???

осьйхм (Pushkin)

1) нМЕЦХМ (Onegin)

ongentilmensky [34.18].

omegrims [348.5]. ???

2) ╚пСЯКЮМ Х кЧДЛХКЮ╩ (╚Ruslan and Ludmila╩, Pushkin▓s poem) ???

Ludmilla [211.8].

веунб (Chekhov)

our miladies in their toileries, the twum plumyumnietcies,Vjeras Vjenaskayas, of old Djadja Uncken [348.22-23]. ╚дЪДЪ бЮМЪ╩

Chaka a seagull [424.10]. Allusion to the title of Chekhov's play ╚Seagull╩ (╚вЮИЙЮ╩)

ivysad [588.17]. Allusion to the title of Chekhov's play ╚Tbe Cherry Garden╩ (╚бХЬМ╦БШИ ЯЮД╩).


that man d'arain [all. to Pushkin's poem ╚The Copper Horseman╩ (╚лЕДМШИ БЯЮДМХЙ╩)] [33.26???]; convoy [???] [55.26]; akkurat [Б ЮЙЙСПЮР: precisely???] [56.19]; Way for Wet Week Welikin's Douchka Marianne [106.16-17]; Ostrogothic kakography [НЯРПШИ: sharp] [120.22]; as there is a tub in Tobolosk) Ostiak della Vogul Marina! [162.15-16]; intelligentsia [173.14]; Sergo, search me [186.33]; bassein [207.19]; pilipili from her pepperpot [209.11]; cracka dvine [???] [212.30-31]; the husky hussars [???] [214.28-29]; now by own way, moy-valley way [215.10-11]; Pobiedo Lancey [219.12];Mocknitza! Genik! [228.7]; milady [229.10]; Mayaqueenies [Mayakovsky???] [234.13-14]; the karman's loki [237.22]; Yasha Yash [240.1-2]; palashe [246.14]; grandmother coughed Russky with suchky husky accent... slove look [253.3-4]; Aiaiaiai [293.22]; pardonsky [303.1]; Trishagion [????cf. Lenin] [305, marg.]; Thorpetersen and Synds [310.3]; Morya Mortimor [316.21]; jantar [316.36]; pushkalsson [???] [323.16]; formor velican and nana karlikeevna [331.25]; It is ne not him what foots like a glove, shoehandschiner Pad Podomkin. [333.3-4]; weerpowy willowy dreevy [333.14]; Podushka [333.28]; dauberg den and noviny news [333.35-36]; with melost to Panny Kostello [334.3]; Duras [334.30]; madjetsky ... izba [335.2, 3]; Paud the roosky [335.24]; with its olives ocolombs [335.28]; Suppoutre him to been one bigger-master Omnibil [337.18-19]; solowly: So these ease Budlim! [337.26]; Borrisalooner [337.33]; moriartsky [ЛНПЪЖЙХИ+Moriarty???] [338.9]; The gubernier-general in laut-lievtonant of Baltiskeeamore [аЮКРХИЯЙНЕ ЛНПЕ+amore] [338.19]; He gatovit and me gotafit and Oalgoak's Cheloven gut a fudden. Povar old pitschobed! Molodetzious of metchennacht belaburt that pentschmyaso. Bog carsse ... and his malakoiffled bulbsbyg and his varnashed roscians [all. to the title of Chekov's play ╚Uncle Vanya╩ (╚дЪДЪ бЮМЪ╩) and Roscius] [339.11];... From Karss and ... oukraydoubray [???] [340.1]; Eh, selo moy! [340.16]; Bruinoboroff, ... Meideveide! [340.20-21]; Mujiksy's Zavarence, the Riss, the Ross, the sur of all Russers [340.34-35]; with sucharow with sotchyouroff [???] [346.11]; how the krow flees [ЙПНБЭ+crow???] [347.5]; tresdobremient [???] [348.3]; Between me rassosiations in the postleadeny past and me disconnections with amplopervious futules [348.5-6]; Hulp, hulp, huzzars! Raise ras tryracy! [348.27]; multinotcheralled [МНВЕ- ???] [348.33]; Sinya Sonyavitches! [???] [348.34]; ohosililesvienne [??? + lesbienne + КЕГБХЕ ???] [348.36]; Popey O'Donoshough, the jesuneral of the russuates [???] [349.19-20]; well ruttengenerously olyovyover the ole blucky shop [???] [350.6]; tsingirilles' zyngarettes [351.12]; the poppyrossies, our Chorney Choplain [351.13]; umzemlianess [352.18]; Yatsar! In sabre tooth [353.9]; Shattamovick? [???] [354.1-2]; Shurenoff! [354.5]; Nutsky [360.16]; unrawil [361.33]; gaulush gravy [ЦЮКСЬЙХ???] [406.6]; Hek domov muy [???] [411.20]; zeemliangly to kick time [seemingly + ГЕЛКЪ ???] [415.24]; Pschla! [415.26]; prostrandvorous upon his dhrone [417.11]; Mazourikawitch [437.29]; Miss Forstowelsy [Dostoyevsky???] [444.11]; Mona Vera Toutou [???] [449.10]; Takiya! Tokaya! [471.3]; Ursulinka [471.31]; Ecko! [477.33]; odinburgh [???] [487.9-10]; Baltic Bygrad [???] [491.35];Frui Mria [ЛПХЪ: ЛЕВРЮ (СЙП.)] [495.34]; Liubokovskva [498.15]; Psich! [499.12]; arbatos [???] [512.22]; Father Blesius Mindelsinn [Mandelstam???] [528.8]; Kissilov's Slutsgarten [532.22]; Morkret Miry or Smud [594.11]; parasama to himself [596.24]; graced be Gad [597.10]; vidnis [597.20]; windr ... wondr... wildr ... weltr [597.29-30]; Polycarp pool [600.5]; Peredos Last [610.34]; Molloyd O'Reilly [616.1];

Muy malichily malchick [My cold and melancholy male chick + лНИ ЛЮКЕМЭЙХИ ЛЮКЭВХЙ] [???]


In that earopean end meets Ind [598.15-16]

NOTE: In this section, Sanscrit words are listed in Devanagari alphabet order.


ATHARVA-VEDA (the 4-th Veda)

athar vetals [599.7].

ADYA (now)

Adya [598.14]. adya + adieu (Fr.).

adyatants [598.25].

ANIT (term for class of verbal roots without ⌠inherent i■)

anit likenand [332.16]. ???

APSARA (nymph, celestial courtesan)

with shady apsaras sheltering in his leaves▓ licence [60.20].

AMRTA (nectar of immortality)

amreeta beaker coddling doom [91.22].

ARUNA (reddish)

Jasminia Aruna [613.34].

ASTA (home)

... A way, the Margan, from our astamite [594.5]. ⌠astam gacchati■: ⌠to go home■, i.e. ⌠to die■.

KAPILAVASTU (the native town of Gautama the Buddha, Southern Nepal)

now the way your roads to Kapelavaster [24.18-19].

KARMA (⌠action■; previous actions resulting in a man▓s lot)

karmalife [338]. Carmelite order + karma.

KALEVARA (corpse)

Calavera, caution! [255.14].

GANGA (Ganges)

and the gangres of sin [196.18].

gangin I am. Gangang is mine [487.29-30].

GAUS (cow)

under all the gaauspices [332.14]. gaus + auspices + spices.

JAMBUDVIPA (one of the great ⌠continents■ incorporating India)

Jambudvispa Vipra [596.29]. Giambattista Vico + Jambudvipa + vipra (see s. v. Vipra).

TIRTHA (ford leading to salvation)

We elect for thee, Tirtangel. [594.4]. Tirthankara + Archangel.

DEVA (god)

daintry diva [492.9].

By dim delty Deva [614.25].

divine, divases. Padma [598.12].

DUHKHA (misery, sorrow)

Arans Duhkha [595.22].

DURBALA (⌠a weak one, with a little strength■)

Durbalanars [594.5]. Dubliners + durbala + nara. ⌠We the Dubliners are weak men■.

NARA (man)

Durbalanars [594.5]. Dubliners + durbala + nara. ⌠We the Dubliners are weak men■.

PADMA (lotus)

divine, divases. Padma [598.12].

BALA (force, strength)

Durbalanars [594.5]. Dubliners + durbala + nara. ⌠We the Dubliners are weak men■.


Bhagafat gaiters [35.10].

Bhagavat biskop Leech [302.1].

MANVANTARA (great cosmic period consisting of 71 divine cycles)

madamanvantora [598.33].

MAYA (cosmic force of illusion)

mahamayability [597.29].

Mayasdaysed [617.29].

MARGA (way)

marge [600.6]

... A way, the Margan, from our astamite [594.5].

MAHA (great)

before mahatmas and moslemans [243.27-28].

with two fat Maharashers [497.34].

mahamayability [597.29]

MAHATMA (⌠man of great spirit■, saint, sage)

before mahatmas and moslemans [243.27-28].

MAHARSI (great sage)

with two fat Maharashers [497.34].

MUNI (hermit)

munin [327.36]. ??? It▓s rather a mention of Huginn and Muninn, two crows of OПinn.

Muna, that highlucky nackt [502.12]. Luna + Moon + muni + Heilige Nacht + high + lucky + nackt.

Vedi Drumcollogher e poi Moonis. [540.12].

VIPRA (prophet, poet)

Jambudvispa Vipra [596.29]. Giambattista Vico + vipra.


Vedi Drumcollogher e poi Moonis. [540.12]. Veda + vedi (Ital.): ⌠look■].

SADVARSAJIVANA (⌠one who lives 100 autumns, i. e. years■)

vidnis Shavarsanjivana [597.20].

SANTI (peace)

shantey soloweys sang! [330.8];

SANDHYA (dawn; a period of time between two cosmic cycles)

Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas! [593.1]. Sandhya + Sanctus (Lat.): ⌠Saint■.

SAMSKRTA (Sanskrit)

out of our sanscreed [215.26]. Sanskrit + sans (Fr.): ⌠without■ + ⌠creed■].

SVAPNA (sleep)

Svapnasvap. [597.4].


himals [5.1]. Himalaya + Himmel (Germ.) ⌠heaven■.

Cymylaya Mountains [329.32-33].

zimalayars [502.5]. Himalaya + ГХЛЮ (Russ.) ⌠winter■.

Himmal [599.5]. Himalaya + Himmel (Germ.) ⌠heaven■.

Imlamaya [627.3].


Emme for your reussischer Honddu jarkon! [198.18]. Hindu + Honda???.


INDRA (one of the main gods of Indian pantheon)

Indra [223.7].


Our Chris-na-Murti! [106.28-29].

BRAHMA (God Supreme)

Abe ... Brahm [106.28-29]. An anagramm of Abraham's name.

Braham [422.26].

Brahaam's ass [441.25].

MARA (the Temptator in Buddhist mythology)

be mercy, Mara! [62.5].

Cod and O▓Mara has it [122.16].

Kisser for him, K.M. O▓Mara, where are you? [122.19].

RAHULA (Buddha▓s son)

A he whence Rahoulas! [62.5]. That is, Mara is the cause of begetting children.

SAKYAMUNI (⌠an ascetic from the Sakya tribe■: Buddha Gautama)

so long as Sankya Moondy played his mango tricks under the mysttetry [60.19-20].


Vikramadityationists [493.12]



Haha! ... Huhu! [117.30-32].

Haha and Huhu were the names of two Gandharvas hardly separable from each other mentioned, e. g., in the Mahabharata (I.65, 123; II.10; III.43; VI.6 etc.).

Godavari, vert the showers! And grant thaya grace! Aman. [213.20-21].

Godavari was a river, on whose banks Rama lived as a hermit together with Sita and Laksmana.


Force centers of the Fire Serpentine: heart, throat, navel, spleen, sacral, fontanella, inter-temporal eye [303, top of the left margin].


Agni araflammed and Mithra monished and Shiva slew as maya-mutras [Agni: the god of Fire; Mithra: a contamination of Vedic MitrА and Avestan Mithra; Shiva: one of the main gods of Indian pantheon; maya-mutras: mutra - urine; ] [80.24-25]; Artha kama dharma moksa. Ask Kavya for the kay. [Artha: profit; Kama: sensual pleasure; dharma: righteousness; moksha: liberation: the 4 main goals and values of human life. Kavya: poetry] [93.22-23]; wardha bagful [212.20]; A bakereen's dusind with tithe tillies to boot [212.20-21]; nyar the Kishtna [215.2]; come back from the Indes [215.3]; rathmine [???] [215.11]; turkiss indienne mauve [215.20-21]; of Mayaqueenies sign osure, hevnly buddhy time [234.13-14]; the karman's loki [237.22]; Yasha Yash [240.1-2]; his pig indicks [241.9]; Ansighosa [246.10]; they shall not gomeet madhowiatrees [259.5]; Aysha Lalipat [284.24]; Sarga [294.8]; Maya-Thaya. Tamas-Rajas-Sattvas [294.18-20]; jantar [???] [316.36]; pushkalsson [???] [323.16]; sari chemise [333.20]; ground old mahonagyan" [334.11]; yogacoga sumphoty [???] [341.8]; lost Gabbarnaur-Jaggarnath. Pamjab! [342.13-14]; Varian's balaying [Arya??? bala???] [451.17-18]; Trinathan [Tri + natha + panthan ???] [478.15]; lingas [???] [485.29]; Tantris [???] [486.7]; Achmed Borumborad, M.A.C.A., Sahib, of a 1001 Ombrilla Street, Syringa padham [492.22-23]; Kavanagh Djanaral [Hebrew 'kavana'???] [492.28-29]; the Emfang de Maurya's class [494.20]; Gyugas [???] [494.23]; indiarubber [497.29]; jam sahibs [497.31]; Adamantaya Liubokovska [498.15]; paunchjab [498.16]; pani's annagolorum [pani: a hand???] [498.19]; dhaoul [???] [499.18]; hindies and shindies [499.21]; Delhi [501.20]; Paronama [502.36]; For we are fed of this forest, clad in its wood, burqued by its bark and our lecture is its leave [???] [503.36-504.1]; ouragan of spaces [uraga + hurrican + origin of species ???] [504.14]; borrow his namas? [512.24-25]; praharfeast [???] [541.24]; westinders [541.33]; somany [593.5]; Vah! Suvarn Sur! ... thou who agnitest! Dah! [594.1-2]; Tirtangel. Svadesia [594.4]; the kal his course [594.7]; by Joge [594.35]; Namantanai [595.20-21]; in full dogdhis [596.2]; parasama to himself; atman as evars [596.24]; By the antar of Yasas! [596.34]; puraputhry [597.16-17]; Lok! [597.25]; Vayuns! [597.26]; jaladayew [597.32]; Take thanks, thankstum, thamas. In that earopean end meets Ind [598.15-16]; Tamal [598.19]; Ysat Loka [598.28]; actaman [598.34]; Vartman! See you not soo the pfath ... oura vatars that arred in Himmal, harruad bathar namas [599.4-6]; padapodopudupedding on fattafottafutt [599.8]; Saras the saft as [600.5]; A naked yogpriest, clothed of sundust, his oakey doaked with frondest leoves, offrand to the ewon of her owen. Tasyam kuru salilakriyamu! Pfaf! [601.1-3]; loke [601.4];

CALCUTTA: Corkcuttas graatched [541.17];


Pozor! [Pozor: Attention! (Czech.)] (100.5); Brothers Bratislavoff [219.14]; celtelleneteutoslavzendlatinsoundscript [219.17]; Slaves to Virtue [255.14]; Slavocrates [328.12]; Sooftly, anni slavey, szszuszchee is slowjaneska [333.3-5]; lusky Lubliner [339.31]; pan [340.31]; their whole scoopchina's [343.15]; slavey generals [351.22]; like a wide sleever [352.15]; desprot slave [354.7]; Ivan Slavansky Slavar [355.11]; Fran Czesch [423.36]; Brat Slavos [424.1]; slaves [446.33]; not crimeslaved [478.15]; slaver [480.2]; vuk vuk and vuk vuk to them [wolf???] [480.31-32]; Slave [494.23]; pani's annagolorum [498.19]; Thou traitor slave! [569.36];


... papal legate from the Vatucum, Monsaigneur Rabbinsohn Crucis, with an ass of milg to his cowmate and chilterlings on account of all he quaqueduxed for the hnor of Hrom and the nations abhord him and wop mezzo scudo to Sant Pursy Orelli that gave Luiz-Marios Josephs their loyal devouces to be offered up missas for vowts for widders. [243.29-36]

With best apolojigs and merrymoney thanks to self for all the clerricals and again best guerdon for bistrispissing on your bunificence [302.4-7]; The Roman Pontiffs and the Orthodox Churches (He has toglieresti in brodo all over his agrammatical parts of face and as for that hippofoxphiz, unlucky number, late for the christening!) [307.17-18 and foot-note 7]; To the laetification of disgeneration neuhumorisation of our kristianisation [331.31-32]; ...that he was pallups barn in the minkst of the Krumlin befodt he was popsoused into the monkst of the vatercan... (339); Councillors-om-Trent [531.3];

NEWMAN, the Cardinal: Nu-Men, triumphant, sayeth [493.31]

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